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About Us

Raleigh Islamic Institute (RII) is non profit organization registered in the State of North Carolina established under the pretext of creating religious awareness for children in reference to the Quran and basic Islamic knowledge. The mission statement of the institute is educational, Literary and specifically to promote the study and use of Islam and Arabic Language as a means of further developing our practices and understanding of the Islamic Religion and Culture; to educate our youth, and to engage in other lawful activities as will contribute to the foregoing purposes.

The Raleigh Islamic Institute

Raleigh Islamic Institute (RII-NC) cherished gracefully it’s diversity in serving humanity. It’s long-term objective is establishing a multipurpose school complex with a Masjid particularly for youths and serving our growing communities. Support generously.
The prophet(SAW) said ” Envy is not permitted except in respect of two person; One who Allah blesses with the knowledge of Quran and he engage in its recitation day and night. Secondly; One who is blessed with wealth and he utilizes it to earn the pleasure of Allah.

Our Instructors

Ousman hails from the Gambia. Known for his conscienctious character, as a result of a strong religious background upbringing. He procured his primary education from the Gambia, upon completion proceeded to Gambia High School where he graduated with honours having credit on all subject taken. Gambia High school is a well accredited public high school in the Gambia known for its prestige located in Northern Banjul.

Upon completion of his High School Diploma, he pursued his Islamic knowledge and Quranic Memorization from Kanifing Islamic Institute, Gambia. He exerted lots of efforts in personal research regarding Islamic Jurisdiction. He involved in lots of Dawah activities and served as the Vice President of Gambia High School Islamic Cultural Club who were shouldered with the task of propagating Islam within and outside the School Campus.

He also earned a teachers Diploma at the Gambia college called Highest Teachers Certificate(HTC) majored Mathematics and Science. Upon completion of the Highest Teachers Certificate he taught at Sakuta Junior Secondary School before migrating to the United States to pursue his educational ambitions. He then furthered his tertiary education at Florida International University(FIU) in Miami, Florida where he earned his Bachelors Degree.

He likes reading, research and sports-soccer

Prayer Times

Salah Adhan Iqaamah
FAJR 4:32AM 5:15AM
DUHAR 1:19PM 1:30PM
ASR 5:07PM 5:30PM
ISHA 10:03PM 10:10PM

Friday, 28 June 2024

Jumu'ah I

01:00 PM 01:30 PM

Khateeb:  Br. Ahmed S Lee