Our Mission

The institute’s mission statement is educational, literary, and specifically to promote the study and use of Islam and Arabic as a means of further developing our practices and understanding of the Islamic Religion and Culture; to educate our youth, and to engage in other lawful activities that will contribute to the foregoing purposes
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Makes Positive Difference

Being a nonprofit organization, The Raleigh Islamic Institute community is ready to take over the positive task, which can make a positive impact in our society.

Community Objectives

promoting religious awareness in youngsters through the Quran and fundamental Islamic knowledge. Conduct social work services in conformity with the Quran and Sunnah in order to improve all aspects of life.

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Past Events

A Special Black History Month
Basketball & Soccer Game

Prayer Times

Salah Adhan Iqaamah
FAJR 5:51AM 6:00AM
DUHAR 12:05PM 1:30PM
ASR 2:42PM 3:30PM
ISHA 6:17PM 7:30PM

Friday, 01 December 2023

Jumu'ah I

01:00 PM 01:30 PM

Khateeb:  TBA

Friday, 01 December 2023

Jumu'ah II

02:30 PM 02:45 PM

Khateeb:  TBA