Community Empowerment Programs

The program is conducted to have a good impact on the growth of the community, society, or nation, which is important to consider.
Field Trip

Mentorship: Field trip & Sport

These experiences include out-of-school field excursions or bringing the real world into our classrooms through mentors and parent involvement.

Senior mentors oversee the program. Participants will be attending sports.

Leadership Training: Seminars

Seminars, workshops, and training in finding the ideal leadership style and skills in light of Islam and the life of the prophet Muhammad. Students can acquire confidence by putting principles into practice.



Learning of Islamic leadership for a global society and an analysis

Parents & Children

Parents & Children Empowerment

Empowerment of Parents/Adults and Children/Youth

Financial Literacy

Educational training on financial literacy for economic empowerment

Computer Literacy

Provides basic computer training to children and youths to cope with the IT world

English Literacy

English Literacy

Standard English learning to strengthen global communication skills



Training in acting justly, loving kindness, and walking humbly.



Learning to deal with marriage, depression, anxiety, domestic and violence

Prayer Times

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ISHA 9:52PM 10:00PM

Friday, 26 July 2024

Jumu'ah I

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